GEIOS is eyeing the Cibuni Geothermal concession for the installation of the GEIOS hybrid exogeothermal solution, our team has visited the site to have a complete overview of the potential and the make an evaluation of the site pre-integration, the idea is to see the level of emission from Sox and Nox present in site (we didn't take the Co2 in consideration at this moment), and make a slow evaluation and simulation of the project with GEIOS. Our evaluation also include the cross comparison between the studies and the real information onsite linked to temperature, enthalpy, level of steam, data at the silencer, quality of steam, potential recharge of the hydrothermal reservoir etc.. Our intention is not to reuse the hydrothermal reservoir but to drill more deeper and harvest the energy from the hot dry rock which is located only 3000 meters below the site. More information to come about this project very soon, please stay tune.


GEIOS is a disruptive company that develop new hybrid exogeothermal technology, the company is holding several patents in the energy and geothermal field, making GEIOS one of the most efficient technology for geothermal solutions.

GEIOS is a hybrid thermal solar close loop system, it stand as an Advanced Geothermal System and will work by targeting mainly HDR-HAS which is almost find everywhere in the world and a really good temperature.

Today conventional drilling are able to reach 3 to 4 km with a very high efficiency and a very short time frame, making GEIOS accessible easily and one of the most viable system as we don't need to have a combination of pressure, flow and water recharge in the permeable table, our close loop system is using a synthetic fluid coupled with a variable flow pumping system and a complex geocasing structure located at the bottom of the well and allowing to multiply by six (6) times the heat capture by using a combination of graphene oxide nanoparticle.

GEIOS is using a supercritical synthetic fluid to extract the heat into the surface for heat exchange with organic fluid or water to create steam that will be used for electricity generation, our technology is suitable for ORC system or high efficiency steam turbines.

To increase the efficiency GEIOS technology has been designed with a complex geocasing that will optimize the bottom heat extraction by removing injection and production wells and replacing them with a more efficient binary close loop heat exchanger piping configuration that will heat a secondary network with conventional heat exchangers at more than 300°c to produce and generate the ability to produce steam from sea water.

GEIOS solution is also capable to run using organic rankine cycle, if it's the case, our system will just use the binary heat exchanger to reheat the organic fluid to vaporize and run the turbine into the ORC Turbine.

GEIOS is a hybrid system, mean that it use solar flat vacuum panels to gather heat from the sun and enhance the between the inlet and outlet of each well pads to reduce the depletion and provide a more effiicient close loop for energy production and exergy quadric gen application.

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