GEIOS Technologies Achieves Majority Stake in Hypernova, Advancing Quantum Geothermal Energy Applications

GEIOS Technologies Achieves Majority Stake in Hypernova, Advancing Quantum Geothermal Energy Applications


Incheon, South Korea — GEIOS Technologies, an innovator in quantum geothermal energy, has announced its acquisition of a majority 80% stake in Hypernova, enhancing its portfolio in the data center industry. This strategic move from an initial 46% to a commanding majority stake underscores GEIOS's commitment to integrating its proprietary geothermal systems into the data center landscape.

Since its establishment in 2021 by GEIOS Technologies, Hypernova has made significant strides in the data center market, distinguished by its exceptional power usage effectiveness (PUE) derived from GEIOS's sophisticated geothermal energy systems. The acquisition of an additional 34% stake cements GEIOS's role as the primary shareholder, providing it with decisive control over Hypernova's innovative data center technologies.

While the specifics of the financial transaction are confidential, the outcome is clear: GEIOS now holds the reins, guiding Hypernova's advanced data center operations. These centers are more than infrastructure; they are a showcase of GEIOS's commitment to sustainable, efficient energy solutions, setting a new benchmark for the application of renewable energy in digital infrastructures.

"Securing a majority stake in Hypernova is a key component of our strategy to demonstrate the versatility and sustainability of our quantum geothermal technology," said Shad Am Serroune, CEO of GEIOS. "This acquisition empowers us to push the envelope of innovation in power, heating, and cooling applications within the digital infrastructure sector."

GEIOS is poised to propel Hypernova's data center operations into strategic international markets, further catalyzing the growth of its geothermal energy business. The company's strategy includes licensing its patented geothermal extraction techniques to energy providers globally, with Hypernova serving as a prime example of the technology's effectiveness.

The acquisition is viewed by market analysts as a strong endorsement of GEIOS's innovative renewable energy technology. With a significant majority of Hypernova, GEIOS is set to tightly integrate and optimize its data center operations, aligning with its comprehensive quantum geothermal strategy and development roadmap.

In a visionary development, Hypernova is initiating discussions to establish an OQX AI Hyperscale Farm in the Middle East, featuring five buildings entirely powered by GEIOS Quantum Geothermal Technology. This expansion signifies GEIOS's strategic entry into the data center domain, introducing the world's first Zero Carbon High Density, Optical, and Quantum Computing Data Centers dedicated to AI operations, and setting a new standard for environmental responsibility in the tech industry.

About GEIOS Technologies: GEIOS Technologies is at the forefront of quantum geothermal energy innovation, dedicated to developing sustainable energy solutions that meet the demands of a rapidly evolving world. With a commitment to zero carbon emissions and industry-leading efficiency, GEIOS is shaping the future of renewable energy and its applications in the global technology sector.

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