GEIOS is the first exogeothermal hybrid solution

GEIOS technology is a step towards a lower carbon future with a unique hybrid base load solution that reduce depletion and increase efficiency More About Us

Conscious that any complex system need balance

Conscious of this problem
GEIOS use the thermal energy from the sun
to recharge the geothermal reservoir
by a combination of complex algorithms
At this day EGS or Hydrothermal Geothermal solution without
proper management exploit the thermal reservoir until
exhaustion and this is not responsible
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The earth crust is the energy of the future

A large amount of heat and energy is generated underground by radioactive decay and stored within the earth
disruptive solution as GEIOS has been developed to exploit this heat in an efficient way without depleting the resource
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GEIOS use AI to tackle the climate change

GEIOS address the climate change by harnessing the energy from the sun and earth through a close loop system with a unique
combination of Digital twin tools with AI and Machine Learning to orchestrate the efficiency.
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GEIOS is the first hybrid exo-geothermal solution in the market

GEIOS is the first highly exothermal hybrid conductive system that capture only heat from the ground through a synthetic working fluid that run into a close loop piping located in the well.

The close loop network efficiency is increased through the thermal solar capture that will enhance the temperature difference and allow to reduce the depletion into the hot reservoir, this unique combination is monitored and managed through a digital twin system that is running with an artificial intelligence and unique real time aggregated datasets for the machine learning process that help make decisions based on unique transient and thermal models.

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GEIOS is a AGS future oriented technology that focus on deep advanced spheroids

The GEIOS hybrid technology or combination of Solar Thermal with Hot Dry Rock / Aquifer extraction process is the latest AGS, future-oriented geothermal technology of the 21st century. GEIOS use the existing heat (energy), which is stored in the earth and combine it with solar thermal solution in order to reduce the depletion and ensure that its constantly renewed.

GEIOS is innovating by being entirely close loop into one well, the close loop piping is working using a low density synthetic fluid that enhance the heat transfer into the heat exchanger to make the power or steam generation more efficient than other systems.

Through our closed system network there is no contact of the heat transfer fluid with the environment takes place. As a result, no special underground conditions are required.

There is no risk of prospecting and seismic activity are not caused.

GEIOS technology a catalyzer for innovation and quick implementation

As part of our development plan and strategy, our company is targeting in priority the Asian and South East Asia market for quick and easy implementation process, the regulation in these countries are still easy to be modified for hot dry rock exploration techniques and it allow us to enhance our technology by opening room for new innovation.

GEIOS power plants are using conventional drilling technology that are available all over the world, our targeted depth in Asia and South East Asia is located between 3000 to 4000 meters to reach the hot dry in the sub-surface, it is stated by several geologists that the hot dry rock and the hot sedimentary aquifers, represent 98% of the geothermal resources compared to the 2% that are located in volcanic arcs or are visible.

Today finding the perfect resource for hydrothermal or EGS technology, can be a challenge in term of cost and preliminary investment, especially for exploration and evaluation. Our technology doesn't need to have a constant and perfect combination of flow, pressure, hydrothermal reservoir with permeable structure, frack the rock to enhance pathways and many other requirements that the conventional geothermal resources are requesting, our technology is handling this own pressure and flow, our exploration is partly lithography and stratigraphic, we target impermeable zone so no need of pathways as we don't inject any water to be transformed into steam. GEIOS two way piping tube, of the two-part heat exchanger tube, as been developed and formed for faster heat transfer as a corrugated tube and manufactured by one of the world's largest manufacturers of seamless steel pipes. A 30- year warranty is given (Manufacturer Warranty).

The lower geocasing support is provided with graphene Oxyde nanoparticles that provide a super insulation and an enhanced underground heat capture, which guarantees a thermal transfer of 3000 to 4000 w.m.k and a maximum temperature drop of 5% when it's combined with the hybrid solar thermal modules (Manufacturer Warranty).

Moreover, the heat transfer fluid is enriched with several components for a faster heat transfer and capture from the geocasing buffer zone and the hot dry rock thermal temperature.

Thus an economical mounting depth of the closed geothermal deep spheroids and thermal probe of up to 4000 m is now possible and the heat transfer fluid can reach temperatures of 310° C to 330° C, that level of temperature makes the use of conventional steam turbines possible, and will enhance the depreciation of the asset as steam turbines can be used for a more longer time compared to other types.

GEIOS is risk-free, resource-saving and cost-effective electricity production, with zero emissions, at its best!

The leading the innovation and the future of geothermal anywhere is Heat Transfer

Deep hot sedimentary aquifer or hot dry rock thermal energy are usually compared to geoplutonic energy, this energy source is today the only renewable energy supply available continuously, and represents one of the most attractive sustainable and pollution free alternative to fossil fuel and nuclear power generation.

Governments, local authorities and electricity suppliers worldwide are actively seeking to develop clean, reliable and domestic electricity production technologies. Moreover, clients in developed countries are expected to continue to develop frameworks and incentives to encourage private investment in power infrastructure, as they continue to focus on reducing their budget deficits.

GEIOS Hybrid Thermal Power Plants represent the third generation of geothermal power technology named AGS standing for Advanced Geothermal System. Backed by prominent scientists and energy professionals, our technology allows the exploitation of hot dry rock or sediment aquifers into thermal energy in a very cost, scalable and efficient basis. Based on conservative assumptions, the cost per kWh is effectively cheaper than all other base load electricity generation technologies available today.

This makes GEIOS technology attractive even if its sells its electricity at market prices; however, based on the currently available subsidized prices in Europe, Asia or USA, the return on investment is much higher than any other renewable energy technology.

Our website present and describes the GEIOS Hybrid Technology and our Hot Dry Rock based Thermal Power Plant, GEIOS is a game changer in the industry that provide a perfect combination of solar thermal to reduce the depletion and use earth as a thermal storage.

Our new design into the well using the Geocasing is allowing an extremely efficient, non polluting heat harvesting from the subsurface, with depth up to 4000 meters to capture hot dry rock geological heat sources. This heat capture through our close loop system is then turned into electricity using standard power generating technology and close loop system of pipes, our quadric energy solution based on Digital twin exergy management will allow to produce cooling for industrial or data centers, green hydrogen, potable water, heat and humidification.

Since the hot dry rock and hot sediment aquifer source are available virtually anywhere on the planet, the project can be built in almost any location.

Watch our GEIOS introduction video

Conscious that to address the climate change and reduce emissions efficiently, the future of renewable energy is large scale power plants that need to be base load, green and scalable, GEIOS target has been to comply with this growing need by lowering the cost of energy, make use of the exergy to produce several other sources of energy that was usually supplied with electricity and catalyze the renewable market by introducing efficient AI & ML to the equation.

Understand the geothermal energy

If one excludes relatively rare direct steam systems, the most common type of geothermal power plant today exploits hot water available in natural reservoirs or springs at depths of 500 to 4'000 meters, called convective hydrothermal resources (called 1st generation). These reservoirs typically replenish themselves naturally through meteoritic waters.

Resource temperature required for proper operation of flash steam plants is at least 180°C, while it can be as low as 75°C for binary plants. Until recently, the use of geothermal energy was concentrated in high temperature geothermal fields, which are most common near tectonic plate boundaries where the crust is highly fractured and thus permeable to fluids. However, the vast majority of deep thermal energy within drilling reach is in relatively dry and low permeability rock.

The most advanced technology today (2nd generation), which has been under development since the 1970s, is Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS). It is composed of two main wells, one to inject cold water into an artificial underground reservoir, and a recovery well to extract the hot water. Fracturing the crystalline rock formation in order to create permeability between the two wells creates these artificial reservoirs. This technology is still experimental and most EGS projects have been stopped due to technical issues, including induced earthquakes.

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