Revolutionizing Energy for Smelters & Industrial Infrastructure

GEIOS, with its remarkable capacity to produce cost-effective electricity and green hydrogen, presents a game-changing solution for smelters and industrial companies. By focusing on hot dry rock and hot sediment aquifer resources, we provide the perfect partnership for industries requiring a decentralized energy source. With GEIOS, we offer numerous benefits, including:

  1. Sustainable Aluminum Production: Our technology supports smelters in producing aluminum, a vital material for various industries such as beverage cans, automotive parts, construction, and more. GEIOS enables low-cost and environmentally friendly aluminum production, ensuring a greener manufacturing process.
  2. Reliable Potable Water Supply: GEIOS excels in producing potable water at a lower electrical cost. This competitive advantage is highly valuable for industries requiring a consistent and affordable water supply for their operations.
  3. Efficient Cooling Solutions: Our quadric generation system allows us to provide cooling at a temperature as low as 5°C. This capability significantly reduces the operational costs of plants and surrounding offices by eliminating the need for expensive electric chillers, especially for storage purposes.
  4. Powering Digital Infrastructure: GEIOS caters to industries like chip manufacturing and digital infrastructure that demand high levels of electricity for processes such as laser technology, carbon nanofiber production, melters, CVD, and more. Our reliable energy supply ensures uninterrupted operations for these energy-intensive industries.

Join the GEIOS Revolution

Experience the transformational impact of GEIOS on smelters and industrial infrastructure. Our advanced energy solutions enable sustainable and efficient production processes while reducing environmental impact. Together, let’s power the future of industry with GEIOS.