Digital Twin GEIOS

Harness the Power of Digital Twin Technology: Our cutting-edge digital twin technology creates a virtual replica of the geothermal reservoir, enabling real-time monitoring, predictive analytics, and optimization of operations. By simulating and analyzing the subsurface conditions, we unlock valuable insights and enhance decision-making for efficient energy production.

Intelligent Stimulation AI: Our advanced AI algorithms drive dynamic and adaptive stimulation of the rock formation, optimizing fracture creation and propagation. By continuously analyzing real-time data and adjusting stimulation parameters, our AI ensures efficient energy extraction, maximizes reservoir productivity, and minimizes environmental impact.

Geochemistry Analysis: Our expertise in geochemistry analysis allows us to understand the complex interactions between the geothermal fluid and the subsurface rock formations. By studying and leveraging these chemical reactions, we optimize heat transfer and energy conversion, maximizing the overall performance and sustainability of our geogenic geothermal technology.