Digital Twin GEIOS

Is providing a unique input of the physical asset that will be used to create different models that will manage the SCADA system and enhance the quality of production by using predictive algorithms and techniques to improve the energy supply and the heat recovery.

As asset management company our main concern is to reduce the cost of operation and ensure that the geothermal asset components can reach the life period without having additional debt or equity capex reinvested to ensure the continuity of the service.

One of the main concern for geothermal solution is the well depletion, at this day limited solutions exists to address this problem but we strongly believe that the only way to avoid depletion is to use regenerative solutions to control and limit the depletion, to ensure that the depletion is not an issue, we developed GEIOS DTS to manage the hybrid configuration like an orchestra conductor when the instruments are the PLC and the sound is the sensors and the each players at sections are the actuators.

GEIOS Digital Twin will be one of the most advanced solution designed only for geothermal solutions compared to others solutions in the market which are only focusing on the plant and the consumption, our solution is using a neural network with three final objectives :

1- Reduce Depletion by ensuring a low Δ t°c between the inlets and the outlets of each well pads.

2- Optimize the use of hybrid resources in order to enhance the lifetime of the asset by managing the set of controls logic units.

3- Predict with ML models based on designed datasets the energy production peak and high demands so the system can stage safely without harm, the ML is also interacting with exergy cascade models for Cooling, Heating, Hydrogen & Water production.

GEIOS has developed a unique IP portfolio based on this technology including the famous geocasing which will make our company one of the leader in the energy market.

Our exo-geothermal solution is not only intended to produce electricity, we saw the potential to recover the high temperature into a set of heat exchanger that are aimed to fully benefit from the exergy of the system to produce cooling, heating, hydrogen, potable water and ultra-filtrated water for steam generation.

Our Artificial intelligence solution allow us to optimize the LCOE and LCOC. As stated earlier, in the market you will find conventional systems as Hydrothermal, Enhanced Geothermal System and Close Loop thermosyphon systems. GEIOS is not a conventional geothermal solution, we target the heat transfer and not the mass transfer compared to hydrothermal or EGS, we drill more deeper and install our close loop exchanger at lower level into the hot dry rock (metamorphic).

Several geothermal close loop solutions exist in the market, but the most promising technology is a radiator working as a thermosyphon system with a multilateral complex drilling that will intersect underground as a close circuit and the system includes a production and injection well running by physics (thermodynamic fluid weight)

Our solution compared to the previous presented thermosyphon system is fully different, GEIOS is using the same well as injection and production with a two way conventional pipe, this heat exchanger is routed underground to capture heat from the rock through the geocasing that act as a heat capture device, in our case we produce the energy through a conventional piping with a vertical drilling well, we avoid the burden of complex multilateral drilling, lateral connection or separation.