Innovative technologies promise to provide goods and services better, cheaper and in ways never envisioned before.

But often these technologies are ahead of the regulatory curve and stumble because the regulatory environment is designed in ways that exclude them.

One example is geothermal energy for distributed electricity production. Geothermal energy – broadly described as the natural heat of the Earth – is renewable, controllable and clean. Distributed generation – small-scale electricity production at or near where the electricity will be consumed – is reshaping how the world thinks about electricity grids.

GEIOS will play a major role in the distributed generation, which includes small-scale geothermal electricity generators that can serve isolated electric loads such as remote communities, islands or industrial sites, this also apply to special

When it connects to the wider grid, GEIOS generally interconnects at the higher voltage distribution level. Distributed generation differs from traditional generation sources, which tend to be large centralized power plants that are far away from electricity demand centres and must transmit their electricity over high-voltage transmission lines.