Leverage Our Expertise in Geothermal Exploration: The GEIOS team comprises highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the geothermal field. We possess the unique capability to assess and evaluate your geothermal project, leveraging our advanced tools and datasets that have been developed exclusively by GEIOS.

Our Comprehensive Geothermal Evaluation: Using sophisticated tools such as ASTER satellite imagery, we conduct surface temperature gradient evaluations to analyze geothermal potential. Our vast dataset, encompassing over 45 countries, includes detailed information on geology, temperature profiles, rock and metamorphic configurations, lithography, stratigraphy, precipitation, pressure, flow, cytometry, and other crucial geothermal parameters.

Accurate Assessment of Geothermal Concessions: With our advanced tools and comprehensive datasets, GEIOS can accurately assess the viability of geothermal concessions. We provide insights into the subsurface conditions, determining the presence of low, medium, or high-temperature reservoirs. Our evaluation ensures that you have the confidence and assurance in the geothermal potential of your project.