Smelters & Industry infrastructures

GEIOS capacity to produce electricity with a cheap cost and green hydrogen for DRI Technology, is highly beneficial for the smelters companies, the aluminium for example needed for beer can, car parts, alumunium foil, construction and others will make GEIOS the perfect partners as we are not targeting hydrothermal or EGS resources but the hot dry rock or hot sediment aquifer that is present in quite lot of places decentralized and where the smelters or industries are located. The capacity of GEIOS to produce potable water or ultra-filtrated at lower electrical costs is a competitive advantage with beside the quadric generation which is allowing also to provide cooling at 5°c which can be highly beneficial to reduce operation cost of the plant and the offices surrounding, the use of electricity for chillers is a high cost especially for storage purposes.

GEIOS is also addressing to the other type of industries as chip manufacturing or digital infrastructure which require high amount of electricity for laser, carbon nanofiber production, melters, CVD and other uses, Today manufacturing one kilogram of electronics or nanomaterials thus requires between 280 kilowatt-hours and 28 megawatt-hours of electricity; enough to power a flat screen television continuously for 41 days to 114 years. These data do not include facility air handling and environmental conditioning, which for semiconductors can be substantial.