Revolutionizing Energy Solutions for Smelters and High-Tech Industries

GEIOS brings a game-changing solution to the smelting industry and high-tech sectors, offering a cost-effective and sustainable source of electricity and green hydrogen for Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) technology. With our focus on hot dry rock and hot sediment aquifer resources, GEIOS is uniquely positioned to meet the decentralized energy needs of smelters and industries located in various regions.

The advantages of GEIOS are manifold. We not only provide low-cost electricity but also offer the capability to produce potable water and ultra-filtrated water at significantly lower electrical costs. This competitive advantage is further enhanced by our quadric generation technology, enabling us to provide cooling at 5°C. By reducing operational costs associated with chillers and cooling systems, we offer substantial savings for both industrial plants and surrounding offices.

Our reach extends beyond smelters to industries such as chip manufacturing and digital infrastructure. These sectors demand high levels of electricity for laser operations, carbon nanofiber production, melters, and chemical vapor deposition (CVD), among others. GEIOS is the ideal energy partner, delivering the required power efficiently and reliably. In fact, the manufacturing process for one kilogram of electronics or nanomaterials consumes between 280 kilowatt-hours and 28 megawatt-hours of electricity, making our energy solution invaluable for these energy-intensive industries.

With GEIOS, we are transforming the landscape of energy consumption in smelting and high-tech sectors. Our innovative approach offers sustainable and cost-effective electricity, reducing environmental impact while fueling growth and productivity. Join us in unlocking the full potential of GEIOS and embrace a new era of efficient and eco-friendly energy solutions for your industry.